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        Stop UK Marriage Fraud

is a Campaign Group set up to Stop the Criminal Abuse of Marriage


The Silent War

We believe that Immigration Marriage Fraud is Huge across the Western World. Currently MOST Western Governments do not take this Crime seriously OFTEN leaving their Citizens feeling isolated and alone. The Canadian Government has been VERY pro-active in their approach to Immigration Marriage Fraud. This is due to a number of Campaigners in Canada highlighting the plight of Victims of this Crime. There has been widespread Media Coverage there.

We have found Immigration Marriage Fraudster's generally come from country's with HIGH levels of Corruption (mainly Third World). Although there is some evidence that Fraudster's are targeting American's for a Green Card that Originate from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. 

Anybody, any Age, any Religion, and any Ethnicity can be a potential victim of this Crime. There is also some evidence that vulnerable groups are being targeted, people who are disabled, single parents, single parents with disabled children, men and women who are Older than their potential Spouse, but please don't be fooled by that. We also have evidence that Wealthy Business people are victims, young men and women who are similar ages, Citizens who enter into arranged Marriages, Married Men and Women, etc.

The Marriage Fraudster's aim is to gain Wealth from their Spouse and Citizenship of their Country. In the Arab World they call these "Bezness Marriages". They will do this by asking for short term loans, asking you to put their name on your property to help with their Claim for Indefinite Leave to Remain or a British Passport, asking you to put their debt in your name, insisting you buy land or a property in their Country, wanting you to invest in a Business in their Country. If their demands are not met they OFTEN become threatening and abusive!!! If you marry a Marriage Fraudster you will find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. They will treat you like a King or Queen as long as they get what they want. Their aim is to bleed you dry of all your wealth!!! They will literally do anything to achieve that aim. These people are Sociopath's.

There are many children who are also suffering because they were conceived with the intention of the Foreign Spouse to use them to claim permanent residence in the UK. The Human Rights Act is OFTEN used by the Foreign National in these cases "Article 8" a right to family life. Children are also being abducted and in some cases used to gain further Wealth from their Spouse. 

British Men in particular and sometimes Women are also accused of Domestic Violence by their Foreign National Spouse. They do this to Fast Track their claim to permanent residence. They do NOT need any evidence of Violence for these claims to be accepted!!! Many Men in these cases are having their reputations ruined and ending up with a Criminal Record.