Stop UK Marriage Fraud

is a Campaign Group set up to Stop the Criminal Abuse of Marriage

About Us

Stop UK Marriage Fraud was formed in May 2012.  We are a Campaign Group that is growing steadily day by day.  Our investigations so far have shown us that Immigration Marriage Fraud is a MASSIVE problem on an International Scale.  This problem is currently being ignored by most Western Governments.  

Our aims are too:

Create awareness of Scams in relation to Marriage Fraud.

Campaign for the Government to treat Marriage Fraud as a Criminal Offence in Line with Sham Marriages.

Stop fraudsters claiming money & assets from British Citizens.

Deport Foreign Nationals in Fraud Cases.

Disallow the Data Protection Act in cases of Marriage Fraud.

Ensure Legal Aid applicants are fully scrutinized & authenicated.

Ensure that both parties' human rights are fairly & equally applied.

Marriages by Muslims to be registered & disclosed to British Citizens.

Disallow Credit from UK Banks & Credit Cards until proof of good Character.

Aquire International agreements with other Countries to seize money and assets held overseas in fraud cases.

Make sure all Foreign Nationals have a biometric residence permit.

Dedicated Hotline to the Home Office in Cases of Fraud & illegal immigration.

Offer Advice & Support to British Citizens in the UK & Overseas.